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About Me

Alessandro Rolle
“An artist who can envision the future.
A visionary photographer.
Envisage, so he called it. Few shots to understand that nothing is what it seems.
Nothing ordinary here.
As surrealism transcends reality, Alessandro Rolle’s Envisage transcends art itself.”
Julian English (Groombridge UK, London)
Alessandro Rolle was born in Italy in 1985. As a young boy, he approaches photography by reading the “Kodak handbook of creative photography” and by taking his very first pictures with his father's Olympus reflex camera. From that moment on, he never stopped photographing.
He loves to shoot with a film TLR camera (the favorite is from 1960), a large format camera (one in particular, which he rarely uses, is from 1913) and a 35mm one, while in digital he switches cameras according to the set to be made, using even more than one for the same set. In most of his photos, originality often blends in with detachment from reality, although he also takes reportage photos.
He is particularly committed to two projects: “Envisage” and “Ispirazione Contemporanea”.
He recently exhibited at the Milano Fashion Library on the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 and his photographic session was published in Amica magazine.
He is passionate about the works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brigitte Niedermair and Man Ray. He is also a very good guitarist.

On Stage, Visioni Veneziane

On Stage, Envisage